Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Everything is coming up Michelle! Well, almost everything...

So I figured I would start actually posting on my blog... There are some college horror stories that I've heard but never thought would happen to me. It's official now: two of them happened to me the first month at ISU. The first was getting locked out of my room while in the shower with no clothes and dripping wet hair- on a coed floor. The second is falling out of my bunkbed in my sleep (although this has been a fear of mine since I toss and turn while sound asleep). It really did not hurt as bad as I thought it would; I just have a huge bruise on my leg and my back hurt for a while, but my back hurting is nothing new.

I was thinking of getting an appartment for next year. It just so happens that a girl from my Discrete Math class, who went to Lincoln-Way, also wants a roommate for an appartment. Pretty good timing, right? I was talking to her for a while tonight, and it seems like rooming with her would really work out. This makes me really happy!! It would save money on room and board, and I would be much less likely to get into trouble, not having an RA and all. The only downside is that I may end up living here over the summer and not seeing my family and friends back home much. I would probably get a job down here. I don't think it would be too hard to find a job with all the college students home for the summer. We'll see how things work out. I might even get to have my turtle here with me!!

In other news, I do actually have the key for Alex's room now! It's a little weird for me since I have never felt like I lived with a boyfriend before. On weekends I basically live there, even shower there. Now having a key to his place really seals the deal. Things are going quite well between us. It never seems like we run out of things to talk about. Alex is never mean to me, and I cannot see him ever hurting me. He even got worried this weekend because of a bad dream he had about me. He went home on Saturday, and that night he had a dream that I died in a car explosion. When he woke up he called me several times, but I was sleeping. He ended up calling me five times before I finally picked up. He said that he woke up sweating and almost on the verge of tears. What a sweetie.

Classes are going quite well. I have gotten all good grades so far, except the logic test, which was an 86%. I guess that isn't so bad, but I expected better. Well, I can always improve it. I am getting about 150% in Calculus III, I guess I can't get much better than that! Also, so far in Discrete Math I have a 100%. This is not including the test I took last Thursday, but I have not found out what I got on that yet. All A's so far in English as well (we don't get actual percents on the advisory grades of papers). I have been staying on top of my homework so far. I went to Discrete yesterday and had forgotten my folder which had an assignment in it. Luckily for me, I had also written the answer to the assignment in my notebook and just tore that off and turned it in.

I miss Bradley, but I can always go down and visit my friends (and I do!). I also have pictures of Bradley buds, friends and family from home, and even my french buddies! So whenever I miss them I can still look at pictures of them. I am excited to come home this weekend. I have started telling everyone, and they're all so excited to see me too! I really want to get my hair dyed this weekend; it hasn't been dyed since mid-May. My blonde roots are starting to show... a lot. I also think that I may get my tattoos extended upon. I have been thinking about one idea for a long time and decided that I do actually want it. I have several rules about getting tattoos: I have to go to my place, nowhere else and must actually want the tattoo for the minimum of 6 months before it gets put on there forever. I think it's been about a year, maybe it's safe now.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Well, it's been a long while since my last post, I just thought I would give an update on my life. School is going well. Last year my math class was quite a struggle- this year most of it is a breeze. There has not been much that I have not been able to figure out on my own. I also feel smart because I've been helping people with Calculus I, II, and III, as well as Discrete Math.

I have not taken a test in any class yet, but I will be taking two tomorrow.... I know the material pretty well so I am not that concerned with how well I will do.

People on my floor are very nice. If I have a problem or a favor to ask of them, they are more than willing to help. For example, yesterday I could have qualified for Val's "doofus of the day" title. I had lost my cell phone; I looked everywhere for it, even the bathroom. I asked a girl on the floor to call it, and she did. I heard the ringing in my room, but still did not see the damn phone. I could tell that it was in the general area of my desk, and I thought maybe I had dropped it behind the desk. That would have made a lot more sense than what had actually happened; I had put the cell phone in the drawer. Yes, in the drawer. Sometimes even I am surprised with how strange I am....

Well, I am yet again going down to Bradley again. This time, I am going to actually get a key to Alex's house in Peoria! This is the first time it has ever felt like I live with a boyfriend, and getting a copy of his key really seals in that feeling. The reason why I'm actually getting a key to his place, besides the fact that I live there Friday through Sunday and sometimes supplemental days, is that the doors have to be locked all the time (due to the bad neighborhood) and Alex's phone doesn't work all the time. I always call Alex when I pull up behind his house because I have to be let in, but when his phone isn't working I'm stuck outside for a while. This happened the other weekend, and he felt so bad he decided to get me a copy this weekend. I guess he's putting a lot of trust in me to give me 24 hour access to most of his things and his roommates' things.

While it's true that I do not enjoy ISU as much as Bradley, I am getting used to it and much more comfortable with my environment. I guess a big issue is the roommate situation, which for me is perfectly fine. We get along great and haven't had problems... except for when she accidentily locked me out of the room while I was in the shower. This wouldn't have been so bad if my floor wasn't co-ed if even if I had known the people on the floor better. I really wasn't that embarassed.

Well, that about covers the first couple weeks here at ISU!