Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wild Wing-ding Wednesday!

So yes, I went home over the weekend. Did I do anything I intended to do while at home? NO! I still have the same hair color (which is fading and growing out really bad) and the same amount of tattoos. Oh, well, there's always next time I go home.

Actually, going home made me realize just how much I miss my old room. This dorm room I'm in now is smaller and shared with another girl. I sleep on the dangerous top bunk of course. Also, this room has barely any fun decorations. All I have here to decorate is pictures of my friends, some fuzzy dice, and a picture Alyssa drew. This room is not colorful or fun like my old room is. It's sad because that may never be my room again for longer than a month (during winter breaks). But at least when I get my appartment I will not have to share my room with someone else, and I will actually have enough room to bring some wacky decorations.

I'm going down to Bradley tonight since I didn't this weekend. Apparently a friend of ours is leaving for Iraq very soon, and we're throwing a kind of going away party. Well, we're going to a bar. Cruisen's allows 19 and older in, and Wednesdays are Wild Wing-dings! For those of you not familiar with Wild Wing-dings, this means that only on Wednesdays you get a pitcher of any beer and a plate of chicken wings for $3. It's quite the deal, and I'd take wing-ding over "Thong Thursdays" at the Lucky Lady any time. And yes, the Lucky Lady is such a sleazy bar that they do hold an event every week called "Thong Thursday."

I am probably starting to worry my mom and/or sister at this point, so I will turn to the subject of actual school. I got back an extra credit quiz today for Calculus II (I really should be excluded from taking these since my grade is well over 100% at this point), and I received eleven points out of a possible ten extra credit points. Why you ask? I have no idea what I did to earn this extra point. I also got extra credit in my Discrete Math class since I told my professor he was being nice to us. this extra point turned a B+ test into an A- test! This test was originally a D, but he gave us a chance to make up points, and I got it up to 89.4%. In this class I have received 100% on all other quizes and homework, so I am in pretty good shape.

Today I am applying to be a tutor for other ISU students. I have to turn in an application and take a math proficiency test. The tutoring job pays minimum wage, but I figure any little bit helps. If I do get the job (and hopefully I will), I will have even less free time than I do now. I guess that would mean no more mid-week trips to Bradley to see the boyfriend... Oh well, school comes before anything, as my mom has always said.

I have now completed most of what I need to in the first section of requirements to become a teacher. All I have to do now is an online test, another test that I am signed up for, fill out a sheet saying that I have had positive experiences with children or youth, and write a reflexive essay, which I will do in a class that I plan to take next semester. If I get the tutoring job and do well at it, that will count for that sheet. Oh yes, I also have to get department approval, which my advisor already said she would give to me in December if I keep my grades up. It's already half-way through the semester, and I have all As and high Bs so far. Meeting with my advisor really cleared up everything that I need to do. It turns out that I only have three more gen-eds to finish! I am actually pretty confident that teaching math would make me happy as a profession. Well, I guess time will tell.