Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Circus Circus

Alex and I went to the Gamma Phi Circus last weekend, and it was a lot of fun! The acts were positively incredible. It was not uncommon to see stacks of people three high. There were people being twirled around on ropes in crazy positions, suspending themselves in silks, being catapulted onto one another, performing amazing juggling tricks, and doing some incredible trapeze stunts.

My favorite act was the catapults. One person would stand on one end of the catapult, and two more would jump on the other end. This sent the person flying through the air to land on someone's shoulders or a big chair on a stick. Yes, a big chair on a stick. In fact, the chair was so heavy they could not just pick it up- they had to catapult that in the air too! The final part of this act involved two catapults. When the two people jumped on the first catapult, it lunged one person onto the other, which in turn launch another person onto the first one, which launched the last person onto the big chair.

This was really an amazing show. The most amazing part of it was that they were all regular (I guess I'm using this term loosely) students at ISU! In fact, a girl in my research group in math was in an act with chinese yoyos. Alex and I both ate a bunch of circus food and enjoyed a fun thing to do on a Friday night.

In other news, I will be officially living in sin beginning this Saturday. I can't wait to leave my bug-infested student apartment for a great place that actually reminds me of the cabins at Hoot Owl Resort. If any Sherman or Musser feels like casting a couple lines with me, come down to Morton!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The circus sounds like it was a good time, I guess Dad and I should've come down, I didn't realize. We are letting life pass us by.
Your apartment with Alex is very nice, I'm sure you both will enjoy living their very much.

4:33 AM  

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