Saturday, July 29, 2006

the rolling stones were wrong!!

"Tiii-iiiiime is on our side, yes it is!" I don't agree. So I had a bunch of plans for this summer of things I wanted to do. For example, make enough money to pay for next semester. Visit a bunch of people from school. Go to the beach a lot. Visit both grandmas. Turns out there's no way I would be able to pay for this semester, no matter how much I work. I've visited some people, but I guess there's no way I'm heading out to Connecticut to visit my dirty slut-faced whore. Neither I nor any of my friends ever have any time to go to the beach. In any way, I-80 has snipers all along it, so maybe it's for the best that I don't go this summer.

I'm finally going through all my stuff and organizing and getting rid of stuff I don't need. It feels really great not to be so damn cluttered any more (hint, hint, Val ;) ). I bought a cool table for my dorm; it's just a little one that could prove useful. I was thinking about getting one that was only $5 more that had a clock for a surface. I realized, though, that cleaning that glass surface and keeping it from breaking was not going to be very practical for me and went with the plastic less interesting one.

I'm really curious to know if I have a roommate or not. Last I checked there was not another person assigned to my dorm room. Part of me wants one for the company, but part of me wants to be alone so I can have more freedom and living space. Either way I'm sure I'll have a great year. I'm excited to meet new people and be in a different environment. I am worried, however, that I'll just be constantly comparing ISU to Bradley. I know I'll miss all my friends at Bradley, but just hope it doesn't hold me back from making the best out of my college years.

Here's to another year living in the dorms!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

now we have to work on dad...

Yes, I finally have a blog!! I wasn't motivated to get one after my sister did. I wasn't even motivated when my mom did. The only real reason why I did is so I can post comments on my mom's blog, haha. But I guess having one isn't so bad afterall. So I'm sorry that I cannot post many, if any, pictures as I do not have a digital camera, a working scanner, or internet that can handle downloading pictures. I'm new to this whole thing obviously, but I'll try to make it as entertaining as it possibly can without cute pictures like my sis puts on her blog. That's all the time we have for today, folks!