Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's New Pussy Cat?

So Alex and I are finally pretty settled in the new apartment. We really love it here! I've actually been working out almost every dayin our awesome clubhouse. Today I biked eight miles, probably the most I've ever biked in my life! We have internet and satellite TV with a DVR. DVR is like tivo only more awesome. Basically all our channels act like movies on DVD, and we have tons of hours of storage for recorded shows/movies.

Also, we got our kitty, and she's such a sweetheart! She's almost too friendly. For example, she'll rub up against our faces while we're trying to sleep. Speaking of sleep, she clearly sleeps in odd positions, such as on her back. Do all cats like getting their bellies rubbed? I thought that was odd. Her name is Onyx, after the beautiful stone. I love this cat!!